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Why does the AI Benchmarking test take so long to complete?

Well, there’s a reason why they’re called “Large Language Models”. They can be several GB in size, and the test downloads such a model to your machine in order to properly test it. The tasks involved in the test are also repeated several times for redundancy and in order to generate a significant result.

What kind of data does the AI Benchmarking tool collect?

The AI Benchmarking tool collects anonymous information about your computer’s hardware configuration and the performance test results. Hardware information includes the type and model of your CPU and GPU, and the amount of RAM and storage space in your computer. This data is used only to produce your test results, compare your computer to other…

Why do I need the AI Benchmarking tool?

You might be an AI enthusiast looking to get started with local LLMs, and want to know if your trusty laptop can cut it. You might be a developer looking to benchmark different hardware configurations. Or you might be a tech journalist looking to review AI-ready machines and want to test how each one performs.…

What is the AI Benchmarking tool?

The AI Benchmarking tool tests your computer’s hardware to determine its readiness for running local AI language models. The tool allows you to download one of three local LLMs to your machine and check how your computer performs with each one.