Welcome to Opera Security Corner, the best place for in-depth information about the security of our products and contact information for any of questions.

Security features of Opera products

For user-friendly descriptions of security features implemented in our products, please visit the respective product pages:

We also publish lists of Frequently Asked Questions relating to the security of our products. You can find links to the FAQ pages in the top navigation menu.

For general information about browser security, please also check out Chrome Security FAQ.

Contacting us and reporting security issues

If you’d like to report a security issue, first, please check the proper FAQ page (link on the left). Your issue may be covered there and explained, or be out of our scope, or not considered by us a threat.

Before contacting us, please check our policy page, too. If your report is valid and we consider the issue to be a real problem, we will place your name in our Hall of Fame page.

If you would like to contact us with other security-related questions, please write us a message through our security portal or navigate to our Bug Bounty page for more options.