Hall of fame

Every year, researchers offer us their assistance to help enhance the security of our websites and products. Some of them discovered and reported security issues, while others attempted to find security issues, and pointed to areas of our websites where they think we could improve. Some of these reports allowed us to determine minor security issues, either in our own software or in third party software.

We would like to thank those researchers.

We will update this page with more names if, and when, responsibly disclosed security issues are discovered and fixed. If you have discovered a security issue in one of Opera’s websites or products, please report it securely using our bug tracking system (please, do not report such issues using blog comments).


  • Nipun Jaswal of Lucideus Inc.
  • Rajib Acharyya (@rajib_acharyya)
  • Sergey Toshin (@bagipro)
  • Muhammad Fawwad Obaida (@ObaidaFawwad)


  • Kunal Bahl
  • Wai Yan Aung (@waiyanaun9)
  • Kamil Sevi (@kamilsevi)
  • Bishal Shrestha (विशाल श्रेष्ठ) from Nepal
  • Nikhil Sahoo and Ipsita Subhadarshan Sahoo
  • Md Sameull Soykot (@S0yk0t) from Bangladesh
  • Alexis Laborier
  • Himanshu Rahi (@himanshu.rahi.31)
  • Vasim Shaikh (@vasim_hacker)
  • Bijan Murmu (@Rizwan007_)
  • Lav Vishwakarma
  • Tejpratap Singh (@Tejpratap_singh)
  • Nikhil Mittal (@c0d3G33k)
  • Samet Sahin
  • Chirag Gupta
  • Aagam Shah (@neutrinoguy)
  • Dhiraj Mishra
  • Shwetabh Suman (@SHWETABHSUMAN11)
  • Mohammed Israil


  • Johnny Nipper
  • Mehmet Caner Köroğlu of InnoveraBT
  • Sadik Shaikh
  • Abhibandu Kafle


  • Dinesh Vicky
  • Aamir Khan
  • Muhammad Abdullah


  • Mohamed Abdelbaset Elnoby
  • Joe Balhis
  • Ayoub Nait Lamine
  • Eslam Medhat Ezzat
  • Harsha Boppana
  • Ahmed Adel Abdelfattah
  • Adrian Birsan
  • Eusebiu Blindu (www.testalways.com)


  • Ishan Anand (Zero-Access)
  • Michele Spagnuolo
  • Christian Galeone
  • Muhammad Waqar (@Muhammadwaqar_9)
  • Muhammad Abdullah (@mahitman1)
  • Abdullah Hussam Gazi (@Abdulahhusam)
  • Koutrouss Naddara
  • Muhammad Talha Khan (@M7K911)
  • Muhammad Shahmeer (Maads Security)